Thursday, March 29, 2007
The Magic of First Love
Love may come many a times in our lives, but the ecstasy and exuberance of first love is the most delicate and memorable among all. First love is perhaps the most intimate feeling that human being share because the time is not ripen yet to see the light of the rough hard core business minded artificial and ruthless world. So the tender soul adjust the softness of the this emotion, which occurs in your heart during adolescence.

A guy awaits for a girl at the gate of the school, from where she gets out everyday and goes back to her home. The lad follows the maiden and ultimately his eyes are in the quest for her face all day long. His mind always paints pink dreams of her rosy cheeks, he hears the violin strings with the way she talks and the fragrance of her hair keeps pampering his nose. These stories never stop to get repeated. Love may come like the breeze as well as like the storm but when it comes at last, it is an absolutely wonderful emotion and the young minds keep drowned in this. Desires are gradually poking one's temperament and often it seems impossible to ignore them.

"The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end."... says Benjamin Disraeli. This ignorant, naive, childlike mind plays with these naughty and gay emotions of adolescence when Cupid's arrow strike somebody for the first time at even the 'first sight of the beloved', which we call love at first sight. Theoretically first love can happen in any age or not happen at all. But most people had fallen in love for the first time when they were teenagers. That exciting new experience most of us remember very well during all our life. For an adult his/her own high school problems and the problems of their children seem very funny, silly and simple especially compared with all the difficulties of adult life. Somehow we forget how tragic and full of drama life and relationships were than in our adolescence.

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"First love is a little foolish and a lot of curiosity."...says George Bernard Shaw. Actually the adolescent mind is full of curiosity and it finds mystery in almost every event of the world. Therefore when the emotion of love, attraction of mental and physical desires occur for the first time the curiosity and rebelliousness reaches to its height and often attempts something really radical. It can be very happily end into a long term relationship as well as it may result in painful break ups.

People say first love is one of the most uniquely unforgettable things. One may forget everything but not his or her first love. This is not a utopian notion but those who have experienced this once in lifetime, have considered this as the fact. They may left their lovers a long time ago... after that, when they are peacefully settled and living with their families... they still cherish the sovereign and purest of the memories of their first love. When for the first time the break ups happen to anyone, it pains a lot, because the joy and ecstasy one enjoys from the first experience ever of falling in love is like fresh flowers, the perfume is strong and exhibit a extraordinarily long lasting effect.

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