Thursday, May 8, 2008
Mothers Love- Mothers Day Cards

Love is of different kinds and of different flavors. While the most dominant kind of love is the love between man and woman, but the purest kind of love is a Mothers love for her child. Its the most selfless love in the whole earth. Be it in the animal kingdom or human, mothers feel the same for his child. I have seen girls who were very selfish as human beings before they were mothers, but motherhood changed their nature completely. I had a classmate Rose, who used to smoke. She never gave up even after her parents and boyfriend pursued her to quit smoking. But the day she knew she was pregnant , things changed. She quit smoking within three days. She gave up other bad habits too, for the child to be born. Motherhood brings the magic called “Mothers Love” in the life of the mother and also the child and fills their world with happiness and Joy. Mothers day 2008 coming close(May11), celebrate mothers love and send these Mothers day cards to your mother and all the mother you admire.

For All Those Moments... You've bugged her sometimes. But loved her always. Tell her so and make her smile too!
Mother's Day Is Here! Warm hugs and sweet kisses make to your mom's/loved one's Mother's Day a wonderful one.

If There Was A Bestest Mom Contest... Let your mom know that she is the best as you wish her on Mother's Day.
You Fill My Heart... Send this beautiful card to someone special to express how special she is for you.

My Mom, My Friend... Your relationship has grown beautifully from a Mom and child to a Mom and friend. Wish her with a heartwarming ecard. Show her how you appreciate her love and care over the years.
Who Has The Biggest Hug? The answer is simple! It's Mom! Send her a big hug back on Mom's Day.

Happy Mother's Day! Wish your Mom a beautiful day with an elegant long stemmed rose.
Mom's Work Is Never Done... She does everything with grace, smile and warmth. Show her your love on Mother's Day.


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